Guests (En)

Jo Walton, Author Guest of Honour

Jo Walton has won both the Nebula and Hugo Awards for her 2011 novel Among Others, which is partly autobiographical and describes how she got into fandom. The book has also received the British Fantasy Award 2012 (The Robert Holdstock Award for best fantasy novel), and it was recently praised by Ursula K. LeGuin in The Guardian. She has previously written fantasy and alternate histories, and has mentioned that her next novel will be about a generation star ship. She received the John W. Campbell Award for best new author 2002, the World Fantasy Award 2004 (for Tooth and Claw), the Prometheus Award 2008 (shared, for Ha’Penny) and the Mythopoeic Fantasy Award 2010 (for Lifelode). She writes poetry and is an industrious blogger, and has recently written an autobiography as a poem.

Lavie Tidhar, Author Guest of Honour

Lavie Tidhar is the  author of the novel Osama that has won the World Fantasy Award 2012. He has also written several others novels and edited anthologies with international sf- and fantasy stories. The trilogy The Bookman Histories (2010-2012) is typical steampunk while Osama is an alternate history. He has won the Clarke-Bradbury International Science Fiction Competition 2004 (for ”Temporal Spider, Spatial Webs”) and the British Fantasy Award 2012 (for ”Gorel & The Pot-Bellied God”). By editing the anthologies The Apex Book of World SF and The Apex Book of World SF 2 he has spread international sf and fantasy stories, and by being editor of The World SF Blog he disseminates knowledge about sf and fantasy written outside English-speaking countries. For this he was awarded in 2010 with the Last Drink Bird Head Award and in 2013 with the BSFA Award for Best Non-Fiction. He has his own blogg, and has given an extensive account of his writing in Locus, March 2013.

Karin Tidbeck, Swedish Author Guest of Honour

Karin Tidbeck is a new Swedish author of sf and fantasy. She has been published both in Swedish and English and her books have been praised both in Sweden and in Locus.  For the short story collection Jagannath: Stories she has received the 2013 Crawford Award, and it has also placed her on ”The Tiptree Award Honor List”. The dystopia Amatka (2012), written in Swedish, is according to the major Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter ”unusually well written”. She has been interviewed in Interzone No. 244 (2013). Read more on her English blog.

Johan Anglemark, Fan Guest of Honour

Johan Anglemark has been active in Swedish fandom since 1981, as convention organizer and chairman of Stiftelsen Alvar Appeltoffts Minnesfond. He chaired the committee for the previous Swecon,  Kontrast, in 2012. He manages the communication in Swedish fandom by being resposible for email lists and the web portal, and he frequently visits English SF conventions.

John Meaney

The British SF author John Meaney will participate in Fantastika 2013. He is most known for his Space Opera novels, and as Thomas Blackthorne he writes near-future thrillers. His visit has been made possible by generous sponsoring from The SF Book Shop in Stockholm and the British publisher Orion.

Michael Cobley

The British SF author Michael Cobley will come to Fantastika 2013, thanks to generous sponsoring from The SF Book Shop in Stockholm and the British publisher Orbit. He has written a trilogy about ”first contact”, Humanity’s Fire, which contains ”Avatars na’avi, as they should be”, according to a reviewer in The SF Book Shop. He has also written a fantasy trilogy, Shadowkings, och short stories collected in Iron Mosaic.

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